Does Zephyr Health take my insurance?

No. Rather than spending time submitting insurance claims, we focus on what matters most…YOUR health!

We can help you with forms to submit for FSA/HSA reimbursement

Do I still need insurance?

Yes. You need coverage for labs, imaging ,emergencies and hospitalizations

Do I still need a PCP?

Yes. We are specialty care. While we can help take care of many of your medical needs you should also have a primary physician

Do you offer Tele health?

Definitely! You have the option to choose face-to-face or video visits with every appointment!

It is a easy option to get care easily and effectively.

What makes Zephyr Health different?

We work for YOU, not your insurance company or “big system” healthcare. Our membership system to help keep costs down and provide easy access for you to connect to your physician when you need it. Our pricing is transparent and so you will never receive a surprise bill.

How is Zephyr Health different?

With direct care, your payment goes directly to the physician.  Your doctor limits the number of patients she sees to 250 patients to ensure she is available and can provide you with the time and attention you need when you need it!

In a traditional clinic, your doctor is reimbursed for each task performed in a visit. Unfortunately, these rewards expensive/inappropriate testing, referrals to other doctors and additional interventions. Your doctor is incentivized to do more to you in a shorter amount of time, volume over the value/need for the service. Most doctors working in a traditional clinic have at least 2500+ patients - meaning less time with each patient per year.


Why would I want a menopause specialist?

Menopause impacts every system in the body. Often, it is very complex and difficult to sort out the best treatment.   Best of care requires looking at all the body systems and the whole person. Dr. Gelderman found that having good conversations about symptoms and with shared decision making she can develop a treatment program tailor made for the patient. Most providers are not allowed the time to be able to investigate the symptoms and needs of their patient. Most providers do not have the training to explore the subject. 

She is creating a practice that can allow for those conversations and a comfortable place to explore the solutions. In an effort to make a different practice that is focused on the patient, she decided to not take insurance and go with a direct patient care model. She is wanting menopause care to be affordable and has created several different options to meet the needs of the patient. Options include a subscription program to allow low monthly payments and easy access to support or pay for time so patients can choose what best works for them.

What is direct care

Direct care is a practice/payment model where patients pay their physician directly in the form of periodic payments for a defined set of services. Typically this includes a flat monthly fee in exchange for access to a broad range of medical services. In this model, the physician usually provides care for 250 people, allowing ample time for individual appointments and increased access to the physician.

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