I am Dr. Janna Gelderman-Moffett (she/her), a board-certified Internal Medicine Physician and a North American Menopause Practitioner (NCMP). This uncommon combination allows me to manage complex needs with both an evidence-based and lifestyle medicine approach. My vision is of a practice that bridges the gaps left unfilled in the traditional medical world. A place that feels welcome, safe, and healing.

A staff that helps you navigate the ever confusion world of medical care. A knowledgeable physician who knows you and cares for you with whom you can discuss things and be heard and together you make a shared decision of how to go forward. As a child of physicians, I grew up believing that everyone deserved individualized health care consisting of a thoughtful provider who delivered the best care supported by sound evidence.

I chose to go to osteopathic medical school in favor of a encompassing approach to medicine. The core tenet of osteopathy is that ‘if you take the pressures off the body, the body will heal itself’. I have always felt that medical care should embrace all aspects of our life. Throughout my medical career, I have tried to make a difference for my team, my colleagues, and most importantly my patients. Having served as Chief of Medicine, I have witnessed firsthand how ineffective and broken the medical system is- full of cumbersome waits, short, hurried visits, and strict insurance limitations. Too often patients feel stranded, and physicians hamstrung with little room to direct effective patient care.

Patients wind up unnecessarily in the ER feeling alone, costing themselves and the healthcare system thousands of dollars. Zephyr Health will bring empowering and thoughtful personalized care into reality. I believe that with a membership model that operates outside of insurance limitations, I can amplify preventative care. Concierge care is for those interested in membership with 24/7 access and unlimited appointments that allow for time to discuss your concerns, past, present, or future. We aim to develop rich and personable relationships that reinforce trust. Outside of membership, we offer same/next-day consultations for chart reviews, urgent medical concerns, women’s health consults, pre-operation physicals, and more. In addition to excellent care, we will serve as a medical home where all are welcome. Regardless of gender or sexual orientation, everyone is entitled to a provider that prioritizes their wellbeing!